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We love what we do, and the most important thing is that we CARE.

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 Kelly and Matilda, March 2018, photo taken by Julie of Caveworks Press

Kelly and Matilda, March 2018, photo taken by Julie of Caveworks Press

My name is Kelly Kinser, and I have a Jewelry Making and Repair Certificate from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA. I specialize in goldsmithing, custom jewelry, and repair and restoration. Jewelry is my passion, and I love to hear stories about your treasures! We will discuss the best options to get you what you want within your budget. I can't give you an estimate without a lot of background - every job is just that different! Feel free to contact me with all the info you can give if you can't make it into the shop but would like to get some personal jewel attention. 

Hi there!

Kelly here, your friendly neighborhood jeweler with Matilda, #1 fur intern, and we are ready to make your jewelry dreams come true! We can fix it, change it, melt it, restore it, after all, our motto is "No Job Too Small." 

Do you have jewelry you want repaired or replaced? Go ahead and bring it in, asking questions won't cost a thing! Our drop in hours are every Weds thru Sat from 1-6pm. Find our entrance in the alley off Linn - click here for more directions ->

Bring in your treasures or come try on some of ours - we have been collecting gemstones for a while now and love to show and tell. In stock you will find professionally handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold, and gemstones. We also carry contemporary art jewelry, handwoven rugs raised, dyed, spun, and woven right here in Iowa, and an array of handcrafted functional art from talented local artisans. You can find items for less than $30 and more than $3000, and everything is made by hand, with love. Our artists each make their own work, and are as skilled designers and they are craftspeople and ethical entrepreneurs.


Artfully Crafted, with love.

Watercolor Universe-Vol 3-1.jpg

A History of Jewelry According to The Royals

Kathy Edwards Hayslett

March 31 - June 3, 2018


From our hands to yours

At Over the Moon Studio, we want you to fall in love with the objects that adorn your life. When you visit our little shop, you will find a curated collection of beautiful and useful objects, made by artists who specialize in traditional crafts, designing and creating their goods by hand. These works of art are aesthetic achievements, feats of engineering, crafted with refined skill and sensitivity, bearing evidence of the artist's touch. 

Read our story.


Artists and Artisans


GrandMarie Jewelry

Kelly Marie is the artist behind GrandMarie jewelry. A professionally trained goldsmith with a degree in fine arts, Kelly enjoys the aesthetic and engineering challenges of making jewelry and it is her lifelong dream to master the craft.

GrandMarie expands the possibilities of fine jewelry, specializing in one of a kind handmade objects. When a connection is established between the artist and the client, this intimacy transforms the process into a kind of portraiture. There are no limitations to creating a jewel. Gold, platinum, silver, copper, brass, steel, tin, clay, paper, leaves, insects, shells, silk, glass, gemstones, diamonds, and fossils have all been incorporated into artworks.


Dirty Face Creek Farm

Enjoy these 100% natural wool, mohair, and llama fleece rugs from the animals of Dirty Face Creek Farm. The earthen hues come from the pure colors of each animal, with the occasional additions of all natural dyes. "My animals are raised organically with love and care, and I do all of the fiber processing on the farm. I wash, skirt, and card the fleece by hand, and spin my rug weft to highlight the natural textures of the original fleece. Each rug I weave is as unique as the individual animals from which it came." Artist Jessica Stutsman truly begins from scratch with these weavings and her skill and craftswomanship extends beyond the visual into every facet of running her farm and caring for her family. 


Colleen E Matthews Jewelry

Colleen E. Matthews is a New England based artist. She has studied at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The AKI School of Art, Enschede, The Netherlands; and North Bennet Street School, Boston.  She currently resides in Boston and has a studio where she focuses on designing and creating custom jewelry and performing repairs.


Sam Mitchell: Maker

Sam Mitchell is a maker, educator, and professional student currently residing in Iowa City, IA, where she maintains a home studio and an ever-evolving practice. Her work explores the vast precipice between adolescence and adulthood. Idealized memories and mashed up cartoons form the basis of her jewelry, which is worn as a badge, both an honor and reminder. Her recent work has been shown at the AV(17) Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania (2014), The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN (2014), The Greenville Museum of Art in Greenville, NC (2013), and more. A recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts grant in 2012, she received her BFA from James Madison University in 2009, and her MFA in Metal and Jewelry Arts from the University of Iowa in 2014


Lauren Tucci

Lauren Tucci’s ceramic and mixed-media works illustrate the artist’s captivation with hypnopompic hallucinations (semiconscious imagery immediately preceding waking up). Human, animal, and non-living objects become symbols in investigations about the self and microsociology. She is most interested in how individuals derive meaning from these amalgamations and what might be gathered from the collective unconscious.

Her works have been  featured in various publications including Ceramics Monthly and  have been exhibited throughout the United States and in Japan. She is the Gallery Assistant and Inventory Manager at Gilded Pear Gallery and her studio is located at the Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio, where she previously attended as a resident artist. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Lauren currently works and resides in Cedar Rapids, IA.


Kasey Bullerman, 'The Mad Potter'

Kasey Bullerman is a sculptor and ceramicist based here in Iowa. Her smaller, functional wares support her interest in larger scale, conceptual sculptures. Kasey would have you "imagine poetry if it were made out of clay," and we love following her down the rabbit hole of imagination. All of her one of a kind ceramics are hand crafted by Kasey herself, and the variety of form, material, process, and surface embellishment defy classification.


Acebo Jewelry

Baleigh Acebo is the designer and goldsmith behind Acebo Jewelry.  Baleigh was classically trained in jewelry making & repair at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA.  Baleigh's work is meticulously handcrafted to last, with ethically sourced metals and stones. All of Acebo Jewelry's designs are minimal, clean and inspired by the graceful geometry of everyday design.


Phetteplace Studio

Sarah Phetteplace was drawn to jewelry making at a young age, and she studied philosophy, journalism, and creative writing in college before returning to her love of stone and metal. Completing the North Bennet Street School's rigorous bench jewelers' apprenticeship program, Sarah is formally trained in classical goldsmithing technique and theory.

Sarah infuses pieces with geometric form inspired by architecture, science, and material. Her work explores properties of light and kinetic energy, or may simply showcase a beautiful gem. Currently she lives in New York City, where she does studio fabrication work for a fine jewelry atelier as well as focusing on her own designs. She is an avid hiker, rockhound and gem nut, amateur photographer, and doting cat owner.


Satomi Kawai

I would like to invite you to join me as I explore life and nature as a contemporary jewelry artist.

I grew up in a rich natural environment in Japan, and I have always enjoyed observing nature.  I learned traditional Japanese cultural practices, including flower arrangement, tea ceremony and calligraphy.  Also, my grandmother encouraged me to develop my artistic appreciation when I was a little girl.

With this background, I today live in Iowa, which is a big state in the middle of the North American Continent.   I feel a strong tie to nature wherever I am, and I enjoy traveling and experiencing different environments. I am fascinated by the mysteries and wonders of life and nature, and how matter changes in different circumstances.

   My home is my body.  My body is connected to nature. As I observe life and nature, I see moments I want to capture in my art.  These moments become jewelry pieces, and they can be shared when the jewelry pieces are worn.  Ultimately the wearer is reconnected to nature.



More artists whose work you will find at Over the Moon Studio:

Erica Gooding,  Artisan Jewelry  Iowa City, IA

Amy Smith, Regeneration Factory, Fine Upholstery, Iowa City, IA

Amber Ruden, Cedar Rapids, IA

Rachel Andrea Davis, Millinery   Iowa City, IA

Kathy Edwards Hayslett, Iowa City, IA

Tracy Titus, Peaceworks, Iowa City, IA

(bios coming soon!)

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