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Single Raffle Ticket

Purchase as many chances as you like to win this bountiful raffle package valued over $200! All proceeds from ticket sales going to children in need in our community.  

Raffle Package will include:

  • 3 is a Magic Number 3-Card Tarot Reading from Folkloracle ($45 value)

  • Sterling silver earrings and ring from Over the Moon Studio ($60 value)

  • Moon Warmer from Cielo Goods ($28 value)

  • Macramé wall hanging from Knot Witch ($80 value)

  • Elixir from Wild Rose Apothecary ($20 value)


You do not need to be present to win, but must be able to pick up in person.

Drawing will take place on December 9, 2018.

Thank you to our artisans for their generous donations!

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About Folkloracle:

Folkloracle Tarot was founded in 2018 by Dawn Frary, an Iowa City artist, death doula, and wildlife educator. A lifelong student of mysticism and the occult, Dawn has studied tarot for over twenty years and seeks to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs. She believes anyone can apply the symbols, archetypes, and teachings of the tarot to their lives while remaining firmly grounded in reality. A Folkloracle Tarot reading is infused with the intention to conjure clarity and courage; to elevate, illuminate, and empower.


Knot Witch

Macrame art, inspired by our ancestral heritage and all things witchy. Handcrafted in small batches using natural materials. Every Knot Witch piece is tied up with good intentions and positive vibes.

“I firmly believe that objects contain the energy & intentions with which they are made, so in crafting each piece I prepare a calm, meditative atmosphere in my studio. My heart is full of love and gratitude for the craft, for the inspiration the muses provide, for my hands & mind which channel & execute the ideas. I want my pieces to bring positive, comforting energy to their new homes.“


Cielo Goods

CIELO means “the heavens”.

Monica Berry is the owner and designer of CIELO, a line of heavenly self-care products.

Moon Warmers (neck wraps) and Moon Pillows (eye pillows) are cold weather essentials! They are great for relief from headaches, sore muscles, anxiety/stress, cold offices, and much more. Pop one in the microwave or chill in freezer for hot or cold therapy. Each Moon Warmer and Moon Pillow is made in Iowa with 100% cotton canvas or flannel and filled with pure flax seeds, chamomile flowers, lavender and peppermint.


Wild Rose Apothecary

Kitchen Witches and Clinical Folk Herbalists creating nature-based products made in the Iowa City area. We practice ethical herbcrafting, organically cultivating many of the herbs we use and harvesting or buying herbs locally.

A wide selection of herbal remedies, healing salves, potent tinctures, and elemental self care products, Wild Rose Apothecary is on a mission to have you looking and feeling your very best. Beauty may be only skin deep, which is why each ingredient is carefully chosen and sourced for its medicinal and magical properties.


Over the Moon Studio

Kelly Kinser is an artist and goldsmith who designs and creates professionally handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold, and gemstones in her Iowa City studio. Each object is a collaboration with the client, allowing Kelly to work her magic and conjure the jewel of your dreams. Made with love by one pair of hands, this process fuses her fine arts background with professional bench jeweler training to finesse every aspect of creation. Intuition and esoteric symbolism imbue the jewels with deep meaning and a soul of their very own, made just for you.

Ethically sourced gems and recycled metals, old world skills and painstaking detail, functional art objects are crafted with reverence and ritual. No two are identical.

Artfully Crafted

We love what we do, and we take pride in doing things the right way. It takes time, practice, artistry, and a touch of magic.

It is a rare thing to get exactly what you want, so cherish the experience.

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Open By Appointment 


We have been so overwhelmed by demand for locally handcrafted ethical fine jewelry - thank you for your support!! We take a limited number of commissions and are by appointment only, so use the form below if you are ready to go on a magical jewelry journey with us.

Matilda Blair and I will be hunkered down in the studio, working hard to get every detail just so. If you need a jewelry fix, be sure to follow us on instagram @over.the.m00n (the o’s in moon are zeros) or facebook.

Upcoming shop-portunities:

Saturday December 15th, 10-6 MOVING SALE!

It's a Date

I would love to make your jewelry dreams come true, but have only two hands and one heart, leaving me with a limited number of commissions every year. Please take your time to research and evaluate this big investment, and give me all the relevant information. If I can accommodate you, I will respond as soon as my schedule allows. Thank you for understanding, crafting jewelry in this intimate way requires total focus and leaves little time for anything else. 

Time is precious, and so are the priceless heirlooms I strive to create for you. Respect for the value of labor and practiced craft is essential to this process, as well as a clear idea of the costs of ethical and eco-conscious precious gems and metals. Please do your own research and contact me when you feel ready. If you want more insight into the process, feel free to follow me on instagram for a peek behind the scenes, @over.the.m00n and @grandmarie

When you are ready, use the form below to give me all the information you can so I can best assess your needs. If I can meet them, I will let you know.

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Watercolor Universe-Vol 3-1.jpg
Kelly and Matilda, March 2018, photo taken by Julie of Caveworks Press

Kelly and Matilda, March 2018, photo taken by Julie of Caveworks Press

Hi there!

My name is Kelly Marie, and I am an artist and goldsmith. My process combines the visual and technical to create finely crafted jewelry that functions as wearable art. Symbolism is layered into each jewel, crafted ceremoniously from the highest quality materials, sourced ethically and eco-consciously. I specialize in jewels of significance, engagement and wedding rings, milestones, memorials, and memento mori, talismans, charms, and protective jewelry. Intimate and intuitive, every design requires a connection to the client and research and meditation to inspire the imagery and metaphor that capture the meaning and intention behind the object.

Professionally, I have a Jewelry Making and Repair Certificate from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA and a BFA in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute.


From our hands to yours

Over the Moon Studio is a place of sanctuary and inspiration, where I strive to exceed your expectations by bringing every part of myself to the creation of a sacred jewelry object made just for you. I am a visual artist and a professionally trained bench jeweler, and I perform every step of the process myself with careful ceremonious intention. The process takes practiced skill, ample time, and divine inspiration. These works of art are aesthetic achievements, feats of engineering, crafted with refined skill and sensitivity, bearing evidence of the artist's touch. 



Contemporary Art Jewelry


GrandMarie Jewelry

Kelly Marie is the artist behind GrandMarie jewelry. A professionally trained goldsmith with a degree in fine arts, Kelly enjoys the aesthetic and engineering challenges of making jewelry and it is her lifelong dream to master the craft.

GrandMarie is an outlet for Kelly to experiment with processes, materials, and concepts, and to realize designs from her subconscious, not knowing for whom they are created yet. There are no limitations to creating a jewel. Gold, platinum, silver, copper, brass, steel, tin, clay, paper, leaves, insects, shells, silk, glass, gemstones, diamonds, and fossils have all been incorporated into artworks.

See more of Kelly’s creations at : GrandMarie.com

Follow us on Instagram @over.the.m00n