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Welcome my witches to the vendor page for Hand + Hearth. Nothing much to see yet, but here is the way to pay the vendor fee! Easy peasy :)

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Hand + Hearth, A Yuletide Artisan Market

Date:  Saturday, December 1, 2018

Time:  10am - 6pm

Location: Over the Moon Studio, 220 E Washington Street

Cost to Participate: $50

Set up: 11/29 4-8pm 11/30 12-4pm and tbd

Takedown: 12/1  6-7pm 12/2 2-5pm and tbd

Friday night Preview Party: Yay or Nay?

We think it would be delightful to host a preview party Friday night, Nov 30, say… 5-7pm, invite only (bring friends is ok), to let your loyal customers get first dibs, let you schmooze and celebrate a job well done! Plus a good chance to take photos and schedule posts to promote during the event the next day. Hopefully our guests will also share during their visit, helping to get the word out.

I don’t think this will have a cost, but I will make a plan for refreshments and submit a little budget that hopefully we can split. I think $10-15 each would be PLENTY.

Who’s in?

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Playlist Recommendations!

Please let me know what songs we should have on the list for the day, or any kewl Spotify playlists you already rock out to. :) Classical? Holiday? Enya? Stevie Nicks?


Feel free to email me regular, or use this handy form to send in your thoughts, ideas, worries, needs, anything!!! We are all in this together and I want to hear from you.

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Thank you for your willingness to participate in an extra special popup market, this is going to be so lovely!! 

 The facebook event has been created, please check it out and share away: https://www.facebook.com/events/1860409614012098

PLEASE send me the following:

Your name, business name, and website as you would like them to appear.

Your handle on any social media platforms (ideally insta and facebook) and your special and fave hashtags

Quality imagery of your wares, your self, your workspace and process, your logo, etc.

A signed copy of the participation waiver

SETTING UP: Set up will be afternoon and evening on Thursday Nov 29, and daytime Friday Nov. 30.  I ask that you have clear and consistent pricing on all your items. You can bring what you like to display your wares, but are not required to! Space is tight, so things will be subject to editing and tweaking as we go. Definitely bring biz cards and signage and any other promotional items too of course.

SALES: There will be a single centralized checkout, operated by myself or an additional helper, and I will process all the sales and pay each artist as soon as possible after the event, typically within 5 business days once all the payments have cleared. Credit card sales are subject to a 3% processing fee. All sales must go through the one checkout to avoid any confusion or theft. 

FREEDOM!!!  You do not have to be present! I encourage you to, as you know your products better than anyone, and customers will enjoy meeting you and learning firsthand why your goods are so special.  But feel free to take breaks, go shopping, get snacks, meet up with friends and bring them by. You are not locked to your "booth," nor responsible for checking out customers.

PROMOTION: I ask you to do everything you can to help promote via social media. We will take care of graphic design elements etc. but please provide us good quality images of your work, your self, your process, and your logo. (don't worry i will make you a list) 

Our hashtag will be:  #yuleartisanmarket 

AFTERMATH: Takedown will be Sunday or Monday after the event. Depending on response, we have the option to extend or repeat the event. Let's hope we do!! 


WIFI: YES, There is wifi available. 

MUSIC: accepting requests for the playlist! 

FOOD: Sips and light snacks will be provided.

TRANSPO: There will be a shuttle downtown and trolley rides, this is the same day as the Downtown Open House AND the Thieves Market. I will have instructions for those closer to the date.

DOORS: customers can enter from the alley or through Beadology. I have great directions on the website. Encourage them to come through Beado if the weather is nasty!

PROMO: There will be a planned campaign, using the imagery and text you provide, but we ask that all artists do their own promotion too - the more the merrier!

GIVEAWAY: We would like to do some giveaway promos, and will reach out to you to participate if we don’t hear from you first :)

RAFFLE: There will be a gift basket raffle, proceeds to a charity (Myra had one in mind) to win at the event. More to come, but be thinking of what you would like to donate ($10-$25 value minimum)

PARTICIPATION: We are at capacity for this event, but I've got this space to use through Dec 31 so if enough folks are into it, more pop ups can happen! So let them know we are full up this event, but they should def come shop, and let's talk about getting them involved asap!

Single Raffle Ticket
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Single Raffle Ticket

Purchase as many chances as you like to win this bountiful raffle package valued over $200! All proceeds from ticket sales going to children in need in our community.  

Raffle Package will include:

  • 3 is a Magic Number 3-Card Tarot Reading from Folkloracle ($45 value)

  • Sterling silver earrings and ring from Over the Moon Studio ($60 value)

  • Moon Warmer from Cielo Goods ($28 value)

  • Macramé wall hanging from Knot Witch ($80 value)

  • Elixir from Wild Rose Apothecary ($20 value)


You do not need to be present to win, but must be able to pick up in person.

Drawing will take place on December 9, 2018.

Thank you to our artisans for their generous donations!