Over the Moon is a working goldsmith studio, full service jewelry store, sometimes art gallery, and shopping destination for finely crafted handmade objects


Owned and operated by an artist turned goldsmith, Kelly can advise you on all aspects of jewelry, from precious metals and gemstones, to design history and durability. In this jewel box of a space, Kelly creates her collection, GrandMarie, repairs and restores heirlooms, and makes dreams come true with custom designs.


At Over the Moon Studio, we want you to fall in love with the objects that adorn your life. Fascinated by old world skills, and time tested techniques, Kelly has sought out other artists that feel the same way. At Over the Moon Studio, you will find a curated collection of beautiful and useful objects, made by artists who specialize in traditional crafts, designing and creating their goods by hand. These works of art are aesthetic achievements, feats of engineering, crafted with refined skill and sensitivity, bearing evidence of the artist's touch. 

We seek to reintroduce art to your everyday and to support these talented artisans with a brick and mortar storefront. With a specific emphasis on local makers, you can rest assured that every item comes from a place of love, filled with the best intentions, and grateful to find its forever home with you.



From the artist's hands to yours.


Fibers and fleece being transformed into heirloom rugs by craftswoman and farmer, Jessica Stutsman, of Dirty Face Creek Farm in Hills, Iowa. Jessica raises the animals herself, making her weavings a truly "from scratch" endeavor.